Cebu – barbeque vendor

 street vendor cooking barbeque for sale in Malapascua Cebu Philippines Buhay Pinoy  Ngayon Filipino Pilipino  people pictures photos life Philippinen  street food
Picture’s Original Title: the vendor
Thanks to: karloil

Malapascua, Cebu, Philippines

description/keywords: street barbeque, sidewalk vendor, snack food, street


2 Responses to “Cebu – barbeque vendor”

  1. SL Says:

    Funny… my friends and i were just recalling how we miss eating larsian barbeque and puso in fuente when i used to stay in Cebu in the 90’s…. It wasn’t only the food, but it was everything–the happy atmosphere, the friendship, the conversations, the streetfood alfresco dining experience… sana merong ganon dito sa maynila… simple lang, pang-masa pero basta kakaiba kapag sa cebu ka tumikim ng streetfood…
    kamusta na, BP! Tanong ko lang… i’m thinking of putting up a photo blog just like yours but about art… do you ask permission from the owners’ in flickr? Pano kung di nagreply pero nakapost na yung pics? Thanks!

    bp answer: hi sera, you can click ‘blog this’ on top of the pic you want to blog, is that easy.
    ‘blog this’ means they allow you to do this (in flckr). other sites there is a work around but too fiddly that is why i stick to flickr for the mean time. regards, bp

  2. SL Says:

    Thanks, BP! I started on my photo blog already… Still a work in progress but it’s going along fine. Medyo mahirap kasi i have to do some research din per post. I’ll show it when it’s ok na.
    I also still inform them (the owners of the pix) about it everytime i blog their pics… is it the right protocol? Or no need na lang? Basta kung walang ‘blog this’ then hindi puede right? hehe. Thnx!

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